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I loved this book! I’ve never seen one so clean and
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I love it! I am euphoric to be able to see [classroom management skills] in writing in a way that is easy to follow and understand. The examples are most helpful!! - Vanessa

Classroom Management Online Course for Teachers

Glenn I. Latham, Ed.D.

Dr. Glenn I. Latham has studied, developed, practiced, and proven principles that improve student behavior in the classroom. Dr. Latham’s internationally acclaimed program is founded on a system of classroom management principles, strategies, and skills, developed, tested, and proven over 35 years of continuous research and trial. Dr. Latham has defined this behavior model in over 250 technical research papers, reports, journal articles, presentations, books, and chapters in books relating to behavior management at home and in schools.

For Permanent Teachers,
Art, Music, Computer, Media or Other Specialists

Classroom Management for Teachers is designed to help teachers with the following challenges:

  • Identifying confidently which inappropriate behaviors to respond to and which to ignore.
  • Preventing inappropriate behavior from happening in the first place.
  • Encouraging on task behavior.
  • Looking for and appreciating students who are on task.
  • Teaching students to behave appropriately.
  • Managing behavior intentionally and keeping problem students in the classroom.
  • Avoiding common teacher traps.
  • Managing behavior scientifically rather than relying on what seems appropriate at the time.
  • Outlines for observing and learning from other teachers.
  • Setting up routines and procedures to make the learning day go more smoothly.

Additionally, in the bonus content learners will be given:

  • Strategies for reducing workload at home.
  • The principles of human behavior.
  • Ideas for making each teaching day enjoyable for both teacher and student.
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