Classroom Management Online Course for Teachers


Product Description

Classroom Management Online Course for Teachers is designed to help teachers with the following challenges:

  • Identifying confidently which inappropriate behaviors to respond to and which to ignore.
  • Preventing inappropriate behavior from happening in the first place.
  • Encouraging on task behavior.
  • Looking for and appreciating students who are on task.
  • Teaching students to behave appropriately.
  • Managing behavior intentionally and keeping problem students in the classroom.
  • Avoiding common teacher traps.
  • Managing behavior scientifically rather than relying on what seems appropriate at the time.
  • Outlines for observing and learning from other teachers.
  • Setting up routines and procedures to make the learning day go more smoothly.

Additionally, in the bonus content learners will be given:

  • Strategies for reducing workload at home.
  • The principles of human behavior.
  • Ideas for making each teaching day enjoyable for both teacher and student.

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