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We are eager for you to take the Classroom Management for Teacher Course! If you would like to get to know your instructors, here are some video introductions.

Jessica Smith

Robyn Copa

Jessica Smith

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  • vm2teach says:

    Dear Jessica and Robyn,
    So good knowing you through these videos.
    I am very excited to be taking this course. Thank you for offering it for less! I know that the classrooms of today are very different from those classrooms two decades ago! It is always good to keep up with our times.
    What I want to really know is if I could use this completed certificate towards my next interview at the upcoming district teachers fair?
    Thanks for your reply in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Vaidehi Madabushi
    (Substitute teacher at Fremont Unified School District)

    • Jessica Smith says:


      Thank you for your comment and enthusiasm. I love hearing it, it’s contagious!

      Such a smart idea to take your certificate and show you’ve been proactive in improving your skills. I’d also take a few pages from your workbook to show what you learned during observation time.

      Thanks for inspiring us!


    • carlandrob says:

      Thank you Vaidehi! I was talking to my dad and grandpa just the other day about this…what classrooms look like today versus earlier and it is always good to keep updated.


  • monica601 says:

    Robyn, working in ESL, I’ve found what you said to be exactly true: whether students are in Pre-K or 12th grade, they just want to know that they’re of worth.

    • carlandrob says:


      Thank you for sharing this sweet thought with me. Once they know that we care about them, THEN they will be more open to listening and learning from us.


  • spurs85b says:

    Jessica and Robyn,

    Hi! I loved your intro video…I should of looked at it way earlier. Love how you’re always smiling Jessica.

    Thank you again for offering this course to us and the support you gave throughout.

    Both video give me the encouragement and drive to finish my certification!

  • elizabeth.sulliva says:

    Thanks so much for your very honest stories! I am excited to get started…

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